Gender Pay Gap

AFI’s 2021 – 2022 Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

As expected AFI’s 2021 – 2022 Gender pay gap has shown the same position as last year in that it suggests an elimination of the pay gap noted in previous years (excluding directors).

However,  it is worthy of note that the snapshot date for this year’s calculation of 5th April 2021 means that our figures continue to be impacted by the Covid pandemic as we were still using flexible furlough arrangements for a number of staff at that time. In accordance with the rules, furloughed staff have been removed from the calculation. The majority of our furloughed employees were site based, e.g. service engineers, plant operatives and HGV drivers, roles which typically have higher than average remuneration compared to the average employee and are male dominated.

Whilst those site based roles are traditionally make dominated we welcome female applicants for all roles within our business and will continue to work hard to try and make our site based roles more attractive to female applicants. We remain confident that no bias exists in our business where men and women undertake the same role in the same part of the country. We actively promote progression by women and we continue to support our best people irrespective of gender and, as a result of the management pipeline training that we offer, we expect to see women continuing to succeed within our business.

As a result of the historical male oriented nature of our industry, the more experienced people in each area of the business have a tendency to be male. This is certainly true of our director group where all but one are male. This skews the pay gap significantly.

It will take many years to see a substantial shift in the gender weighting of our site based roles both in our business and across our industry as a whole but we remain committed to pursuing the progression of all of our people and we remain committed to gender equality.

One particular anomaly in this year’s figures concerns bonuses. During the Covid-19 pandemic all bonus schemes were suspended, however, we had 2 members of staff (both men) who had a contractual rather than discretionary scheme.

The company will always be committed to equal opportunity and there is no barrier to promotion and progress for any of our employees.